Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spain came second in a European quality of life survey

Extract from 'The Olive Press'...

XPATS have every right to feel smug after Spain came second in a European quality of life index.

The uSwitch survey – which took into account living costs, spending on health and education, work/life balance and days of sunshine – left the UK firmly at the bottom of the list.

The index concluded that the Spanish" can expect to live a year longer than those in the UK, have more days off (the highest number in Europe) and enjoy cheaper booze.

However it was not all bad news for Blighty, which enjoys a higher average wage and greater investment in education than Spain.

France topped the index, with the Netherlands third."

my own thoughts...

1. I agree that Spain has a much higher quality of life than Britain.

2. The UK may invest more in education but that's because they pay school teachers too big a salary and in my experience (I was a supply teacher for 3 months before moving to Spain) many English schools are run by incompetent teaching staff.

3. France is a beautiful country but I wouldn't want to live there - too many French people.

4.Holland? it must be difficult cycling in clogs!

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